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Wild, Wild Big 12

Posted on 10/20/2001 to Sports

Go figure...

Kansas State loses to ou by 1 point.
Kansas State loses to Colorado by 10 points
Texas loses to ou by 4 points (I don't count the final touchdown).
Colorado loses to Texas by 34.

Further, how the hell does Baylor score 17 points on ou, when Texas could muster only 3?

It's really too bad that there is no playoff system in Division 1A college football, because I would love to see a rematch of Texas and ou at the end of the season.

Updated 1/25/2004:
(For you land thieves that means what follows is new.)
I guess I need to clarify what I mean by “I don't count the final touchdown.”  I am sure you all have heard someone say “meaningless points,” right?  You know, points scored at the end of a game, distorting how close (or not) the game really was.  The final turnover in that game was obviously critical to the outcome, and for land thieves everywhere, the touchdown was icing on the cake.  In other words, Texas lost, but it wasn't a game played like a double digit loss.  If you still don't get it, then forget -- I can't help you.

After watching ou choke away a shot at the national title with loses to two teams that Texas beat in the 2003 calendar year, I am once again puzzled by outcome of recent Texas ou games, especially the most recent. 

One last thing, I am always ready for a rematch.  I am sure land thieves understand the feeling, since they seem to be on the short end more often than not against Texas.  What is ou's all-time record against Texas these days? Something like 38-55-5?  Good thing for those four in a row to make it look a little more respectable.

The tables always turn.  I am sure that how ou fans feel now is similar to how they felt in the late 80's.  The question is, do they remember how they felt most years from 1989-1999?

Wireless Rocks!

Posted on 10/20/2001 to Technology

Went to CompUSA last night to browse. I do this from time to time, even if there is nothing specific that I am looking for. To my surprise, they were selling this for only $149. That is $30 less than the standalone Wireless Access Point was selling for. After verifying that the price was for real, I hurried to the counter to pay for my new toy and then raced home (actually to the in-law's house, which is where we are staying this weekend) to set it up.

First, a little background information. My father-in-law's house has a broadband connection through their cable provider. I have my own IP address with them for when I visit, so that I can get online using my laptop. Within 15 minutes, I had configured the Router so that it was now being treated by the ISP as though it was my laptop (it was connected), connected my laptop to the built-in switch via CAT5 and surfed the Internet through the router, and had then configured the wireless LAN and the wireless card in my laptop to talk with each other. Done. That fast. So no more cables running through my in-law's house as I move from one room to another with my laptop...I am untethered, and I love it!

By the way, I bought the device for eventual use in my own place, not specifically for use at the in-laws.