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Old Code

Posted on 11/12/2001 to Developer Stuff

Make sure to check out Assignment 10 - see link from post below.

Back In The Day...

Posted on 11/12/2001 to Developer Stuff

Ok. Here is an Old School link - Bryan's Webscripting HomePage - this is the result of a Javascript class I took back in '99. After posting my first assignment (to my site, of course), the instructor took it upon herself to venture over to other areas of the site (which were already well developed, server-side based pages using ASP). She sent me an email asking why I was taking the class. Needless to say, I aced the class.

Look What I've Found

Posted on 11/12/2001 to Developer Stuff

Browsing the directories of a treasure trove of code. Anytime I need to see where I've come from in my career, is the place to go. There are files that date back to my first look at ASP. What a great look at the progression of my abilities over the years. I will post some specifics soon.