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Austin, How I Missed You

Posted on 9/26/2001 to In General

I am back in Austin for the first time since moving to Denver - a time period of nearly two years. Coming to Austin was a bad idea, but it had to happen eventually. Afterall, my sister and brother-in-law live here, as do my beloved Longhorns. So why is visiting a problem, you ask? I love this town, more than almost every other town in the country, and definitely in Texas...probem is, I will likely not be able to live here again. The rest of our family (mine and my wife's) lives in and around Dallas. Having a child means having a sense of duty to keep that child close to his or her roots...that is, close to the extended family. It is important to us, I just happen to think that a 3-hour car drive is close enough. It is certainly better than a 2 hour plane ride. My wife thinks that it isn't close enough, so Dallas/Fort Worth it is. Too bad, because I miss this town.

Oh, by the way, I am in Austin attending Microsoft's .Net Developer Training. So far so good...lot's of information to digest.