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Jacob's Site Gets a Facelift

Posted on 7/17/2002 to Family & Friends

Jacob's website received a facelift recently. I originally designed his site while in the hospital after his birth (don't worry, mom and baby were sleeping). It was definitely time for a fresh "kid friendly" look. I think I accomplished my goal. I also wanted to begin using metaBlog, the weblog application that I am building.

For those of you looking for content from the old site, it is still available, though I will be moving the content into the new site soon. Webservices

Posted on 7/17/2002 to Developer Stuff

After learning of the Webservices yesterday, I went right out and downloaded the SDK and got myself a dev token.

I finally had a chance to look at it today, and have built a simple page that searches for books about ASP.NET. You could see it, but I broke it.

The webservice looks like a good start, though there are some things missing, such as a product description. However, I could see this being used by someone who is an Amazon affiliate, like myself, to display a list of books to their visitors. Taken a step further, I might look for visitors coming to my site from search engine sites, get their search terms, and display a list of books based on those terms. I nice personalized list of books reflecting whatever it was that drew the visitor to my site.