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Referrers, Trackback...

Posted on 1/3/2003 to Weblog Applications

Chris wants to know about my trackback implementation so that our sites can talk in a more automagic way.

I am on the cusp of redoing the trackback functionality for the weblog app. Until then, you can click the Trackback link below each post to get the URL that a trackback can be sent to. I have verified that sending a trackback from Movable Type to my trackback page works. If you have no way of sending a trackback through your weblog app, then you can put everything in the querystring, or you can use the test form that the web service page provides. Go here for more information doing this.

More to come...eventually...

Referrer Log

Posted on 1/3/2003 to Weblog Applications

I've finally gotten around to implementing a referrer log for my little weblog app. Like most other things in the weblog app, it is usable for me, but probably still lacking if others were to use it.

I decided to create an HTTPModule to intercept incoming requests and log the referrer information. Currently, it ignores requests made from the site it is implemented in. This will probably change and become an configurable option, I just didn't care to see referrers to my site, from my site -- but others might.

One other "to do" is to create a server control for easily displaying the list of referrers.