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Posted on 1/6/2003 to In General

What a day. Is it over yet?

Hard Drive Woes

Posted on 1/6/2003 to Technology

I will use the events of the past 36 hours as a wake up call. I will backup my data regularly, I promise.

I will thank my lucky stars each day that I had been using my laptop for development purposes lately, and that the latest code was there, and not on my now dead desktop HD.

Mind Your Manners

Posted on 1/6/2003 to In General

"You're too nice for a Monday morning", he said, as I held the elevator door open for the two people that were a few steps behind us.


Does the day really matter? Would this guy hold a door for anyone on Tuesday? Wednesday? How about Friday?

Too many times, I've seen doors shut in people's faces (including my own), be it elevator doors or just regular old doors into an office building or store. Whatever happened to manners? When did we all become so rude? Are we so wrapped up in ourselves that we no longer stop to consider those around us?

I held the door because they were close enough for doing so to make sense (I wouldn't have held the door if they were at the other end of the parking garage), and I've had enough doors shut in my face to know that I wouldn't want to do that to someone else.

It's a small thing, really. It takes just a moment or two of time, sometimes less. They feel good, you feel good. If more people would do the little things to help out others, the world would be a much nicer place.