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Posted on 10/11/2003 to Developer Stuff

Yesterday, I came across a nice looking browser based RSS feed read --, by Julien Cheyssial.  It is in the early beta stages, but looks very promising.


Posted on 10/11/2003 to Developer Stuff

While surfing around today, I came across nGallery.  It is a .NET based web app for displaying pictures, organized into one or more photo albums.  I've only installed it on my laptop, but based on the looks of it, I will soon be putting it on my server.  By the way, it is freeware and open source.

Separation Saturday

Posted on 10/11/2003 to Sports

I'm just kicking back, enjoying the first games of “Separation Saturday.”  So far, the games are a mixed bag. 

I didn't expect Miami to come out like they have against Florida State.  With 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, the 'Canes are leading the 'Noles 22-0.  Uh-oh, Brock Berlin just threw an interception from inside his own 10.  FSU ball on inside the Miami 20.  Touchdown Seminoles.  Update: Miami wins 22-14.

In my opinion, the most interesting game so far (at least of the ones I can watch) is K-State and Oklahoma State.  It has been back and forth all day, with K-State now driving at the OSU 31, half way through the 3rd quarter, looking for a tying score (OSU is leading 21-14).  K-State scores.  Update:  What a finish to the 3rd quarter!  After K-State tied up the game at 21 all, OSU came storming back with 14 straight points.  With 5 minutes left in the game it is OSU leading 38-28.

Of the games I can't watch,  Auburn and Arkansas seems to be the best.  The last score I saw was Auburn 7 - Arkansas 0, at halftime.  Auburn has really come on strong since their disappointing 0-2 start.  Arkansas has continued to win since upsetting Texas in Austin a month ago.  Not sure who I want to win this one.  I can't stand the hogs, especially when they think they have something over Texas.  Ok, they did win, but they are still hogs, and their cousins are still their sisters.  Update: Auburn wins 10-3.

Well, it is getting close to time for kick-off for the Texas - ou game.  I am hoping that this is finally the year that my son gets to experience a Texas win over ou.  Since his birth in July of 2000, ou has won 3 straight (and you land thieves -- sooners to the rest of you -- thought it had something to do with Stoops ;-) ). 

Hook 'Em Horns & Beat the HELL out of ou!