Archives for April 10, 2003

Visual Studio .NET 2003 Available On MSDN

Posted on 4/10/2003 to Developer Stuff

In case you haven't already heard the news, Visual Studio .NET 2003 is now available for download for MSDN Subscribers. Currently, it looks like there is only the full install available, no ISO images. Of course I am downloading it now, I can wait until later on to get disc images.

I do wonder if it is going to need a key. I didn't see one listed. Maybe it will use the same key as VS .NET v1.0. It would suck to have spent all this time downloading it and then not have a key to install it.

DataGrid and Keys

Posted on 4/10/2003 to Developer Stuff

Samer Ibrahim poses a very good question regarding DataGrids and key values.