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Jacob's Birthday

Posted on 7/24/2006 to Family & Friends

This past weekend we celebrated Jacob's 6th birthday. My how time flies! If he's 6, then that means that I am coming up on 5 years with my current employer--yikes! That also means that it's been 5 years since I left Colorado. Wow...

Anyway, back to the birthday... The family all got together at Crystal's Pizza and Spaghetti for some pizza, arcade games, and cake. We used to go to Crystal's (different location) all the time growing up, and I thought it would be cool to have his party there. (It was fun, but not quite the same as when I went as a kid.) One of the more entertaining moments from the party was when those of us who ate part of the road (he had a "Cars" cake, which had a black icing road through the middle of it) realized just how black that icing really was.

Here I am after eating some of the black icing.