Ducks Shot Down

by Bryan on 10/21/2001 at 11:45 AM in Sports

Wow, Stanford came back and beat Oregon. How did I miss that final score last night?

Texas should check in at #7 in both polls...I don't think they will jump Florida, but that was a dominating performance of a very good Colorado team - on national TV.

Now that Oregon has a loss, I will root for them to knock off UCLA. Also time to root for Nebraska as they face ou next this Saturday. I still hold out hope for Texas and a national title. A longshot, I know, but you never know. ou loses to Nebraska, UCLA loses to Oregon, Virginia Tech or Miami lose at the hand of the other, Florida faces 4 top 20 teams in their final 5 games. So, with a little help, the season could wind down with Texas worked their way into the Big 12 Title game against an undefeated or one loss Nebraska game (assuming they beat ou, they still must face CU and K-State). Most likely one other team will be undefeated - Miami or Virginia Tech. Let's say Texas beats Nebraska in the Big 12 Title game, they would be a front runner of a group of 3 or 4 one loss teams to face the lone undefeated team in the Rose Bowl. It could happen.