by Bryan on 10/19/2001 at 2:37 PM in Developer Stuff

Hmm...I have one...two...three...four dynamically generated websites that I have developed. From a technology perspective, they could be looked at as major and minor updates to the same codebase. Unfortunately there is little compatibility between them. I can do things in one that I can't easily do in another, or at all. I have one site that gets many more visitors, but it has the last verison of the codebase...the newsest version doesn't get any traffic, which is ok, but I want its code.

I am building a web site/content management framework, but in the meantime, I have these other systems to support. What to do, what to do? I know what to do...finish the framework and the use it in every site I have. Easier said than done. I need to add features and functionality now, not in a month or two.

The sites...

  • - version 1.0 of the codebase.
  • - version 2.0 of the codebase, and a great improvement.
  • - version 2.5 of the codebase...better design, but no functionality (dev time still goes to v 2.0)
  • - version 3.0 of the codebase...revolutionary...but still under development.
I just don't know what to do.