Polls Are A Farce

by Bryan on 10/21/2001 at 8:45 PM in Sports

Texas was ranked #5 and lost a hard-fought, close game to #3 ou and drops 6 spots to #11 in the AP poll. #4 Oregon loses a shootout to unranked Stanford and drops 7 spots to #11 in the AP poll. Does this seem right to you? It doesn't seem right to me. It will be interesting to see what happens when the polls come out after this coming weekends games, when #2 ou or #3 Nebraska will be handed their first loss of the season. I bet anyone willing, that regardless of who loses, they will not fall out of the top 10. In fact, assuming that Texas takes care of business against Missouri, I bet that they loser does not fall below Texas, which has worked their way back to #7 just barely behind Florida. Florida...there is a team that was #1 in the land and lost to an unranked team. They fell 6 spots to #7. So I just can't figure out how in world Texas barely loses to a higher ranked team and end up where they do, while other teams in similar positions completely bomb to unranked teams and don't fall farther back?

F*ck the pollsters. Give me a playoff system.