Smart Kid

by Bryan on 6/6/2003 at 2:08 PM in Family & Friends

I was home yesterday with Jacob (my almost 3 year-old son). He had to stay home because he had a fever when he was picked up from school on Wednesday (ok, it's really glorified daycare), and they have a policy that didn't allow him to come back until he had gone 24 hours without a fever (fyi: he was feeling ok by yesterday morning).

Early afternoon comes around and it is time for his nap. I tell him "you can take a nap in your room, or you can take a nap in the living room, your choice." He responds with "living room, but I can't see the TV with my eyes shut."

*smart ass*

Legacy Comments

Smart Boy! How precious and kids say the darnest things.

Posted by on 6/6/2003 2:45:45 PM