What If...

by Bryan on 7/24/2003 at 11:22 PM in Sports

Sunday's stage of the Tour de France is practically a parade...all ceremonial -- at least until they get down to the end, then the sprinters come out. But what if the time gap between Lance Armstrong and Jan Ullrich stays around one minute (or even less) going into the final stage? Would Jan attack? Would USPS set a real high pace on what is normally a very leisurely day, so that any attack would be discouraged?

After Saturday's final Time Trial, I think they will either be neck and neck, or Lance will have added another minute or so to his lead. If he has added another minute to his lead, then I think Sunday's stage is a nice slow ride into Paris, but if they are neck and neck, how exciting would it be to see these two great cyclists go head-to-head, marking each other all the way into Paris? How about USPS and Ullrich's team, Bianchi time-trialing all the way in, and then a sprint shoot-out between Lance and Jan?

Whatever happens, it is bound to be exciting!