What's A Sports Fan(atic) To Do?

by Bryan on 4/17/2003 at 1:06 AM in Sports

Oh man. The Lakers won. Portland lost. The Dallas Mavericks went from likely opening the playoffs against the Lakers on Sunday afternoon to definitely opening the playoffs against Portland on Saturday night.

The Dallas Stars could be trying to wrap up their opening round series against the Edmonton Oilers on Saturday night (or worst case - fight off elimination).

It looks like both games start at 7 PM CDT, though I've seen both also listed with 8 PM CDT start times.

What is a Dallas sports fan(atic) to do? Guess I need to get the TV and cable setup so that the second tuner works for PIP -- or maybe just put two TVs next to each other. I suppose I could go to a sports bar.

It could be worse...the Stars could have done like the Red Wings (4 and done), and the Mavs could be like the Mavs of the '90's -- no playoffs.

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Btw, it was PiP. The Mavs stayed on the big screen most of the time. The exception to this was time outs during the basketball game, Stars power plays, anytime it looked like they might get a goal, and the final couple of minutes of the game.

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