by Bryan on 6/2/2003 at 2:11 PM in Eats and Drinks

I went with a couple of co-workers to check out the latest addition to the downtown Fort Worth restaurant scene today, Zolon an everyday bistro.

The food was outstanding. I had the Western Salad and Three (pizza, see the menu). I also had a taste of Four (again, pizza, see the menu). Everything was delicious. Very fresh, and very tasty. Almost everything is offered in half-orders, and they suggest you go that route -- mixing and matching items to suit your taste.

If you find yourself around Sundance Square in Fort Worth, and are in need of a meal, check out Zolon.

Legacy Comments

Wanted to provide an update:<br/> I have been to Zolon a few more times since I posted, and the food remains very good. However, the services is consistently subpar. Specifically, it is very, very, very slow. I can say that the one time it was so slow that I felt compelled to speak with the manager, they graciously comped our entire ticket. Unfortunately, I prefer excellent service over subpar service -- even if the meal is free.

Posted by on 7/30/2003 10:31:53 AM