Use It or Lose It

by Bryan on 11/22/2002 at 10:31 AM in In General

Due to a change in my employer's vacation policy, I must use all of my time off for 2002 before the end of the year, or I lose it. To most of you, this might not seem like a big deal, and really, it isn't, I just get a lot of time off in the final two months of the year.

Let's see, I've been back from Mexico for two weeks now, and already I am on my last day at work prior to another week off. Then it is back in the office for the first three weeks of December, and then so long 2002 - no more work until 2003. I don't know what to do with myself and this time off. I am typically not the type of person to take a week off unless I have plans to go somewhere. Being that I did just go to Mexico, it isn't likely I will be making another trip this year.

What's a guy to do? I could work on my weblog app (by the way, I need a name for it - it was metaBlog, but I don't know if I care for that, and lately I've used blog.NET, but still uncertain), it is way past time for completing that thing. I could probably get a ton of stuff done on it next week. But I just hate staying at home when I am off from work.

I could take my son somewhere. I don't know where. I'd love to go camping with him, but at 2 years 4 months, he is still a little young for enjoying that. We could go visit my mom, but she was just here with us for 5 days. I am going to Austin on Thursday (not sure if the trip will be made pre or post turkey) so that I can make the Texas vs. a&m game Friday morning. Even that leaves me empty. I could go down to Austin a few days early and just hang out. It's a great town for that.

Maybe a shitload of snow will fall between now and my next week off, the end of December. Then I can easily decide what to do - head to Breckenridge for a week of snowboarding. I haven't hit the slopes since winter 2000-2001, when I had my one and only ski-pass. I was so bummed about moving from Colorado back to Texas last Fall that I didn't have the heart to go riding this past winter.

Enough rambling, time to surf for something fun and exciting to do next week!

Legacy Comments

My 2-year-old son, Ethan, had a great time when we went camping a couple months ago! Of course, he learned how to strike a match, watching us light the campfire every night--don't know how good that was, but we had a really good time with him... Have fun, whatever you do!

Posted by on 11/23/2002 9:49:45 PM

My 2yo son had a great time when we went camping a couple months ago! I'm sure you'll have fun whatever you decide to do... Two is an exciting age to be, I think!

Posted by on 11/23/2002 9:51:10 PM

(Why did my first comment only appear AFTER I had already entered the second one... thinking my first one didn't take!)

Posted by on 11/23/2002 9:51:45 PM

Hmm...good question. I've never experienced that behavior. Of all the things implemented with the blogging system, the comments piece has been the least problematic. I will look into it. <p/> Regarding camping, did you and your wife go, or just you and your son?

Posted by on 11/24/2002 1:17:21 PM

The comments issue probably is related to the fact that I was not logged in when I first clicked on the Comment link. During the process of logging in (with a few password failures) I must have lost my context... The comment form itself *seemed* to work fine while I was in it... but when I returned to the main page and refreshed, it didn't show up... so I went to enter another comment... this time, *after* I submitted the comment, my first comment appeared in the list! <p/> All three of us went camping... though, apart from an extra set of eyes (extremely valuable), my wife was mostly an observer as she is also pregnant again! So I had to do all the picking up and chasing around! :)

Posted by on 11/24/2002 1:27:15 PM