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Big Weekend in College Football

Posted on 11/1/2002 to Sports

Several of the top teams in the land face what should be stiff challenges this weekend.

My rooting list:
Above all others, Texas Fight! (Texas at Nebraska) - Dating back to 1991, Nebraska has lost one game at home - that loss came at the hands of the Longhorns in 1998. Texas is 3-1 versus the Cornhuskers since the inception of the Big 12.

Colorado at ou - Bob Stoops has never beaten Colorado in his time at ou. After another horrible start, Colorado seems to have found their form, though I wouldn't give their recent victory over Texas Tech as much weight as the pollsters seem to have done. Go Buffs!

Minnesota at Ohio State - The Golden Gophers knocked off Ohio State on their last visit. It was the beginning of the end for John Cooper. Will it make a difference - will it inspire the Ohio State players that were around for that embarrassment? I hope not. I am rooting for the Gophers on this one.

Georgia at Florida - Is Georgia really a top five team, or have they attained their lofty placement simply because they remain unbeaten? Unfortunately, beating Florida won't reveal a lot about this Georgia team, as Florida is definitely in a down year. Nonetheless, go Gators!

Boston College and Notre Dame - I've been waiting all year for someone to knock the Irish from this inflated pedastal they're on. I don't know that this will be the week, but I hope that it is.

Pitt at Virginia Tech - It is looking more and more like Miami will reach their game against Virginia Tech undefeated. This means that I will be wanting Va. Tech to knock them off. But before I can wish for that, I need someone to knock off Va. Tech. Pitt gave Notre Dame a scare last week, and they beat Va. Tech last year. Go Pitt!

So there you have it - my rooting list for this weekend. While it is unlikely that all of the teams I am cheering for will win, there is a good chance that a couple of them could pull the upset, launching Texas back into the top 5. Yes, that is assuming Texas beats Nebraska - but I have faith. Afterall, it isn't like Texas will be trotting out a&m's wrecking crew ;-).