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Posted on 7/30/2003 to Developer Stuff

I am so out of touch. I just came across RSS.NET -- An open-source .NET class library for RSS feeds.

Dog Days of Summer, Part 3

Posted on 7/30/2003 to Sports

Just over a month until another season of Texas Longhorn football gets under way. Of course, I will be in Austin to watch Texas take on New Mexico State on August 31st.

Dog Days of Summer, Part 2

Posted on 7/30/2003 to Family & Friends

Jacob turned 3 a week and a half ago. We had a nice party with family and friends. This was the first party for him where he had a say in who was invited (kids from school). It seems like 3 or 4 of them showed up. We had a bounce house, hot dogs, and cake -- a good time all around.

Thanks to everyone for helping celebrate Jacob's birthday, he had a blast!

Dog Days of Summer, Part 1

Posted on 7/30/2003 to Sports

Well, here we are, the end of July...

Lance Armstrong won yet another Tour de France, his fifth in a row. Of course anyone who followed this year's edition knows that it was not really "yet another" race, as it was by far the most exciting, entertaining, and closest race in many years. I am hoping that one day we learn the "other problems" that Armstrong alluded to in various interviews (I've heard it might be back problems). Also, I can't wait for his new book, Every Second Counts, to come out. You can read the first chapter here.

By the way, Lance still has some racing left in him this season. He won the Altstad-Kriterium in Austria yesterday, and according to his website, he will be racing in the German Karlsruhe 2-man Time Trial on August 2nd. His site also mentions that he and Jan Ullrich will square off against each other (as well as other riders) in the 1-day World Cup event, the Championship of Zurich on August 17th.

Finally, don't miss the "Defining Moments of the 2003 Tour" show on OLN this Thursday at 8PM ET/PT. It features an exclusive interview with Lance.