A Little Bit About Me...

An Update About Me

Posted on 6/26/2008 to About Me

If I am going to have an about page, I suppose it needs to be up to date, right?

It is now 2008, and I have been married to Julie, the most wonderful woman in the world, for a little over a year (see Project 18,253 for the details).

In 2007, shortly before we were married, I was promoted to the position of Lead Software Engineer--my first managerial job.

The boys are doing great. They've adjusted very well to their mom and I divorcing, and to both of us now being remarried. They are very lucky to have not only very caring and loving parents, but also a very loving and caring stepmom and stepdad.

About This Site

Posted on 3/12/2003 to About The Site

This site of mine is powered by my own weblog application. It is a .NET app, and includes ASP.NET (obviously), Web Services, and Windows Services.

This weblog app has been nearly complete for months. For some reason, I can't get the last couple of features finished, and the code packaged up for others to use (ok, I can do that, but it takes 3 months longer than I say). I don't know why I can't get it finished, maybe I simply don't want it complete. Anyway, I remain commited to one day releasing this app on the rest of the world.

An Introduction

Posted on 3/12/2003 to About Me

I've been meaning to add an "About" page for some time. The About link (yes, the one that only recently began to work) has been there forever.


In case you hadn't figured it out, I am Bryan, and this is a site of my stuff.

I live in North Texas (Fort Worth suburb). I grew up in North Texas (Dallas suburb). I was born on the east coast, and have lived on the west coast. I've also lived in Austin, TX, and Denver, CO. Given a job, I'd move back to both of those places in a heartbeat.

I have two boys, Jacob and Caleb.

I am a developer for a publishing company. I drank the .NET Kool-Aid in 2000. Every day I try to share that Kool-Aid with my coworkers. Fortunately, they eagerly drink it. I prefer web development, but my job requires mostly other stuff, so I keep side projects going to keep me happy.

I love wide open spaces, especially the mountains. I enjoy cooking, and would like to open my own bakery or restaurant one day. I also enjoy snowboarding, mountain biking, and all the other typical outdoor stuff.

You're still here? Okay, one more: I am passionate about the University of Texas, and everything involving the Texas Longhorns.

Oh, and I've been blogging with a real blogging app since May of 2000, but I have a kept a "blog-like" website since 1997.