My 2023 Year in Books

Posted on 1/30/2024 to Books

New phone, who dis?

Seriously, it has been a lifetime since I posted here, and nearly two years longer than that since I did a "year in books" post. In the lifetime and two years since that last time, I'm still tracking what I read in Goodreads (though I'm looking for alternatives if you have suggestions) and I'm still participating in Goodreads' annual reading challenge. For 2023, my reading goal was 26 books, which I hit in July, finishing the year with an additional eleven books for a total of 37.

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I Believe

Posted on 11/3/2020 to Politics

I believe it takes no effort or brain power to help spread the disinformation of the president and his sycophants, especially when your only sources for "news" are the networks and websites who actively help spread, and in some cases create that disinformation.

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Mount Removable Drives in WSL2

Posted on 9/3/2020 to Notes To Myself

Windows Subsystem for Linux doesn’t automatically mount removable drives, which has long been a source of frustration for me. I want to leave a note to myself with my findings. If this helps anyone else, even better!

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What I’m Listening To

Posted on 11/23/2019 to Site Information

I’ve had a Podcasts page on this site for quite a while now, but it’s never been anything more than “hey, I listen to a bunch of podcasts.” Tonight that changed. Tonight I added a list of my podcast subscriptions.

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My 5-Star Rated Books From 2018

Posted on 1/5/2019 to Books

In yesterday's post, I mentioned that of the 62 books I read in 2018, I rated 14 as 5-stars, meaning that I thought they were amazing, according to Goodreads' rating system. Since I also suggested that they would make a good list for anyone looking for books to read, I thought I'd do that here (yeah, I also wanted to knock out another post in 2019).

Title, Author

If you end up reading any of these, please leave a note, letting me know what you think.

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