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Inside the Green Room at Billy Bob's

Posted on 12/10/2005 to Entertainment

Went with a large group of Julie's friends to see the Eli Young Band at Billy Bob's last night. I really like their music, and this was my first chance to see them live -- they did not disappoint. One of Julie's friends is the bass players sister, and that allowed us to go backstage after the show to the Green Room -- that room is way cool! Many performers have signed the walls.


Posted on 1/26/2005 to Entertainment

I found a nice surprise waiting for me in my inbox last night. It was an email from MusicMatch letting me know that they had discontinued their Radio Platinum Subscription service. Sounds like bad news? Nah. The email went on to say that as a loyal Radio Platinum subscriber, I would be upgraded at no charge to their MusicMatch On Demand service.

  • Play: Instantly stream more than 800,000 songs
  • Discover: Browse popular tracks, and recommendations
  • Search: Power-search by genre, artist, album or track
  • Mix: Create playlists with MP3s, WMAs and On Demand tracks
  • Spin: Automatically build the ultimate playlist with AutoDJ
  • Save: Bookmark On Demand tracks in your library
  • Access: Tap in to the entire On Demand catalog from any PC
  • Share: Email playlists to friends so they can listen too - for FREE!

Netflix Etiquette

Posted on 9/23/2004 to Entertainment

I've had a movie checked out now for about a month -- so far it has gone unwatched. I really should watch it, and I know that eventually I'll want to see it, but at the moment, I have absolutely no desire to watch it. So my question is this: how long do you let a movie sit unwatched before sending it back?

Los Lonely Boys

Posted on 6/14/2004 to Entertainment

If you haven't already heard Los Lonely Boys, you should give them a listen.

Their style of music is summed up best by guitarist Henry Garza, "People always ask us what kind of style we play. I tell 'em it's a cross between Stevie Ray meets Santana, Jimi Hendrix meets Richie Valens, or the Beatles meet Ronnie Milsap. I call it my music burrito theory. What we've done is made like our own tortilla, right, with all the knowledge of all the greats that are out there, I can't even think of 'em all right now, but we put 'em inside the tortilla, fold it up in there, we make our own burrito and we're sellin' it to the world, y'know?"

Music Rebellion Update

Posted on 1/10/2004 to Entertainment

I was just over at, looking to spend my last couple of dollars on 10 cent songs, when I noticed that they were no longer 10 cents.

It looks like they've started pricing based on demand, which in a lot of cases appears to still be cheaper that the other download sites.

Cheap Music Downloads

Posted on 1/9/2004 to Entertainment

In case you haven't heard, has $0.10 song downloads for a limited time.  It looks like once the promotion ends they will change their pricing structure so that the download price is dependent on song demand.

One of the nice features is the ability to fund your account using PayPal.