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Posted on 1/26/2005 to Entertainment

I found a nice surprise waiting for me in my inbox last night. It was an email from MusicMatch letting me know that they had discontinued their Radio Platinum Subscription service. Sounds like bad news? Nah. The email went on to say that as a loyal Radio Platinum subscriber, I would be upgraded at no charge to their MusicMatch On Demand service.

  • Play: Instantly stream more than 800,000 songs
  • Discover: Browse popular tracks, and recommendations
  • Search: Power-search by genre, artist, album or track
  • Mix: Create playlists with MP3s, WMAs and On Demand tracks
  • Spin: Automatically build the ultimate playlist with AutoDJ
  • Save: Bookmark On Demand tracks in your library
  • Access: Tap in to the entire On Demand catalog from any PC
  • Share: Email playlists to friends so they can listen too - for FREE!