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TiVoToGo Webserver Url's

Posted on 1/29/2005 to Technology

Here are some of the known Url's for accessing content on your TiVo. (This only applies to TiVo's with the TiVoToGo update.):
  • https://<TIVO-IP-ADDR>/nowplaying/index.html (username:tivo password:<your media access key>)
  • http://<TIVO-IP-ADDR>/TiVoConnect?Command=QueryContainer
  • https://<TIVO-IP-ADDR>/TiVoConnect?Command=QueryContainer&Container=%2FNowPlaying
That's it for now.


Posted on 1/29/2005 to Technology

Well it's about damn time! Last night, both of my TiVos finally got the service update for TiVoToGo. Let's see, I only signed up on the priority list 4 weeks ago.

So now that I have it, what should I do with it? The obvious answer is transfer some shows from TiVo to my computer, which I started doing last night (Texas vs. Michigan in the Rose Bowl, if you must know). However, I hear that this update added a web server to TiVo, and that there are Urls to get at Xml feeds of the data. I say that it's time to start playing around with that. How about an RSS feed of what's on my TiVo? Ok, so maybe you don't care about what's on mine...

I'll let you know what I come up with.

More Gmail Invites

Posted on 1/28/2005 to Cool Stuff

Google has once again graced me with Gmail invites. If you are still in need, let me know.


Posted on 1/26/2005 to Entertainment

I found a nice surprise waiting for me in my inbox last night. It was an email from MusicMatch letting me know that they had discontinued their Radio Platinum Subscription service. Sounds like bad news? Nah. The email went on to say that as a loyal Radio Platinum subscriber, I would be upgraded at no charge to their MusicMatch On Demand service.

  • Play: Instantly stream more than 800,000 songs
  • Discover: Browse popular tracks, and recommendations
  • Search: Power-search by genre, artist, album or track
  • Mix: Create playlists with MP3s, WMAs and On Demand tracks
  • Spin: Automatically build the ultimate playlist with AutoDJ
  • Save: Bookmark On Demand tracks in your library
  • Access: Tap in to the entire On Demand catalog from any PC
  • Share: Email playlists to friends so they can listen too - for FREE!

Lost in Translation

Posted on 1/21/2005 to In General

Looks like folks in Norway view the "Hook'em Horns" sign a little differently than us.

Saluting the Longhorns, or satan?

ou fans

Posted on 1/3/2005 to Sports

I was watching one of the many College Gameday segments that's been on the last few days, and saw a shot from Miami. It was a horde of ou fans, with a number of them with their horns down.

Their team is in the national title game against USC, and yet they still do the horns down? Is this just because they have no sign of their own so they adopt a modified version of their hated rivals sign?  Or is it because even after 5 straight wins against Texas (mind you, Texas still leads the overall series by double digits), they still feel like they're fans of a second rate school, and are absolutely obsessed with Texas? It's almost cute, kind of like a little brother who is always trying to get the attention of their big brother.

I'd think that they'd be thinking of how close they are to a national title, and focusing their energy on the opponent still standing in their way.

I can never root for ou. Even last year, when a win by ou in the Big 12 Title Game would've likely put Texas in it's first BCS game, I found myself rooting for Kansas State. This season, I found myself being ok with not rooting for anyone in the title game, and just hoping for a good game, while wishing the best for all Big 12 schools. However, after seeing the idiot ou fans, I think that I might have to pull for USC.

Elliptical Cross Trainers

Posted on 1/3/2005 to Health and Fitness

I am thinking of getting an elliptical cross trainer. Recommendations? Thinks to look out for?

Currently, I am looking at one of the models from Octane Fitness. Anyone else out there have experience with their products?