I Believe

by Bryan on 11/3/2020 at 11:15 AM in Politics

I believe it takes no effort or brain power to help spread the disinformation of the president and his sycophants, especially when your only sources for "news" are the networks and websites who actively help spread, and in some cases create that disinformation.

I believe it doesn't take too much more effort, but does require an ability and desire to think for yourself, use common sense, and look beyond your normal sources, to cut through the disinformation and see it for what it is. Unfortunately, I didn't do enough of my own homework in 2016, and voted for an independent candidate, rather than voting for the only viable candidate who could've kept the current administration out of the White House. I regret that choice every day.

I believe Joe Biden is the best candidate available. He isn't perfect— no candidate is— but he has empathy, kindness, integrity, wants what's best for our country, holds himself accountable, and has a plan for the next four years. Considering the alternative, that is more than enough to earn my support, making Biden the first non-conservative presidential candidate for whom I've voted. But that's just the beginning, because I've finally acknowledged that nagging voice inside my head that, for quite a long time, has said "this version of the GOP is not for you."

I believe in a woman's right to her own body; that Black lives matter; anti-racist policies; gender equality; the rights of LGBTQ+ persons; protecting the environment; protecting our public lands; science; affordable and accessible education for everyone; that healthcare is a right, not a privilege; law and order; and that the health and wellbeing of our country and all its people is more important than any political ideology.

Not only did I vote for Joe Biden for President, but I also voted for every other Democratic candidate running against someone who has enabled the current administration. I view continued support of the president and his enablers as an indefensible position.