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Lazy, I Know

Posted on 5/21/2001 to In General

Damn. I keep letting so much time go by between posts.

I tool is only useful if it gets used. I guess that Blogger is not useful for me. That, or my website is not useful to me, or anyone else for that matter.

In my pursuit to do something useful, I have created what is for me, the most useful too around, metaStash. It is a handy little web app that lets users Stash all kinds of useful data as they surf the web. This useful data is then stored in a centralized, web based repository for easy retrieval later. Try it, use it, love it, but most importantly, StashIt!.

Now, on to more mundane things...

We will finally be getting our new Dell PowerEdge Server up and running and online this coming weekend. This server, along with several older ones will provide hosting services to a number of sites in the future, including,,,, and some other domains that I have yet to purchase.

I am telling you (if there is a you) just in case you experience downtime this weekend for any of the above mentioned sites.