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Soccer & The Average American Sports Fan

Posted on 5/31/2002 to Sports

In the first game of the 2002 World Cup, Senegal upset France, the defending World Cup Champs.

I am not a big soccer fan, but I do watch games that involve the US from time to time, and I definitely watch during the World Cup. I also watch the title game - usually. In this regard, I would guess that I am close to the typical American sports fans as far as soccer is concerned.

This morning, I found myself drawn into the final 20 minutes of the opening game, but only after noticing the France was trailing 1-0. I just wonder if this is the sort of game that is needed to boost viewership in the U.S. You know we always love the underdog, as long as the underdog isn't playing our team. Big name teams getting beat create excitement in fans of lesser teams and the mindset that anything is possible.

A few more upsets wouldn't hurt to test this theory.

RSS News Feed

Posted on 5/30/2002 to Weblog Applications

Here's how the story goes...

I downloaded Radio.Userland. Why? I don't know, I wanted to see what it does and how it works. Anyway, I was checking out their News page and realized that I could easily make content from metaBlogs available as a news feed as well. 15 minutes later, it was done.

Dallas/Fort Worth Sports

Posted on 5/30/2002 to Sports

What is it about this time of year? Save for a couple of years in the late 90's when the Rangers where winning, June and July are two of the lonliest months for sports fans in the D/FW metroplex.

I would include August, but with August comes football. Sure, they might not be regular season games, but preseason games and reading about how your favorite college team is doing with its preparations for the upcoming season is 100 times more enjoyable than following the woes of the Rangers.

A new dimension to football season is that following close on its heals is the start of basketball season - something that has become enjoyable again for the metroplex sports fan only in the last couple of years. For a while there, it was football leading into hockey, but with the Stars sudden demise, thank goodness for Mark Cuban and the Mavericks.

So, my question to you is this: how do you deal with the doldrums of summer sports here in the metroplex?

No Sleep

Posted on 5/29/2002 to Family & Friends

What do you do when your kid won't sleep by himself? We've tried ignoring him, but you can only take so much crying.

I need sle...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz

Migration From Blogger To metaBlog: Complete

Posted on 5/28/2002 to Weblog Applications

With relative ease, I was able to migrate 2 years worth of content from Blogger to my new system, metaBlog.

The metaBlog system itself is still a bit rough around the edges, for example, I don't have the archive functionality built yet. Also, the comments feature doesn't work. I had multiple users setup to post to my Bloger blog, I still need to set those users up in my metaBlog blog and point their posts to the right user ID.

Finally, you might notice the new design of the site. It might stay, or not. I am undecided.

metaBlog Part 2

Posted on 5/28/2002 to Weblog Applications

The weblog system that I've been building is almost ready for it's coming out party.

Of course it is not 100% ready yet, but it is ready enough to begin using. The first task will be migrating this site to it. BTW, the system is tenatively named metaBlog. You can learn more about it at

metaBlog Part 1

Posted on 5/15/2002 to Weblog Applications

I am building my own blogging system. I've been building it for a while. It is mainly for myself and my friends and family to use, but once complete, I will make the code available. There is no website for it at the moment.

Another project.