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Software For Some Of Us Not Attending PDC

Posted on 10/27/2003 to Developer Stuff

I just came across the following on the MSDN Subscriber Downloads site:
Special Access to Longhorn and Whidbey PDC Release Code

Active MSDN Operating Systems, Professional, Enterprise, and Universal subscribers may request a set of software distributed at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2003 (PDC), including the preview versions of the "Longhorn" operating system and SDK, and Visual Studio "Whidbey".

Eligible MSDN Subscribers can request the previews by calling MSDN Customer Service. Certified Partners and Breadth ISV / Empower partners should contact their respective Service Centers for further assistance. Note that the preview package contains DVD media, and a DVD drive is required. Please allow 3-4 weeks for fulfillment.

RSS Feeds For Categories

Posted on 10/16/2003 to Weblog Applications

I am now generating RSS feeds for each category.


Posted on 10/11/2003 to Developer Stuff

Yesterday, I came across a nice looking browser based RSS feed read --, by Julien Cheyssial.  It is in the early beta stages, but looks very promising.


Posted on 10/11/2003 to Developer Stuff

While surfing around today, I came across nGallery.  It is a .NET based web app for displaying pictures, organized into one or more photo albums.  I've only installed it on my laptop, but based on the looks of it, I will soon be putting it on my server.  By the way, it is freeware and open source.

Texas vs. K-State, ESPN College Game Day

Posted on 10/4/2003 to Sports

Just waiting for my ride down to campus.  I'm in Austin for Texas' game with Kansas State.  It's a big game, no doubt, with both teams in the top 20 and each with one unexpected, non-conference loss -- the loser can kiss their MNC hopes good bye.  The game itself isn't until 2:30 PM, but we're heading down early for the ESPN College Game Day show, which is making their second ever appearance in Austin.  So anyway, here's my ride, gotta go.