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More on Weblog API's

Posted on 4/29/2003 to Weblog Applications

Well, I've nearly implemented all of the functionality needed for me to use w.bloggar with my weblog app. Honestly, implementing these XML-RPC API's is such a pain in my ass. It just seems so backwards compared to building web services in .NET.

Oh well, what's done is done.


Posted on 4/28/2003 to Weblog Applications

Back in the early days of my weblog app, I came across Charles Cook's excellent XML-RPC.NET library and used it to ping whenever there was a new post.

Now, I think I will delve into it once again -- this time to implement the MetaWeblogAPI and the BloggerAPI.

the World as a Blog

Posted on 4/24/2003 to Weblog Applications

This is so cool. Sit back and watch the world blog its way around the clock. Now you know you simply must get those geotags and that RSS autodiscovery machinery into your blog.
[Sean McGrath, CTO, Propylon]
Indeed, this is one of the coolest things I've seen lately.

What's A Sports Fan(atic) To Do?

Posted on 4/17/2003 to Sports

Oh man. The Lakers won. Portland lost. The Dallas Mavericks went from likely opening the playoffs against the Lakers on Sunday afternoon to definitely opening the playoffs against Portland on Saturday night.

The Dallas Stars could be trying to wrap up their opening round series against the Edmonton Oilers on Saturday night (or worst case - fight off elimination).

It looks like both games start at 7 PM CDT, though I've seen both also listed with 8 PM CDT start times.

What is a Dallas sports fan(atic) to do? Guess I need to get the TV and cable setup so that the second tuner works for PIP -- or maybe just put two TVs next to each other. I suppose I could go to a sports bar.

It could be worse...the Stars could have done like the Red Wings (4 and done), and the Mavs could be like the Mavs of the '90's -- no playoffs.

My HttpModule for Referrers

Posted on 4/15/2003 to Developer Stuff

The HttpModule that I use for tracking referrers broke when I went to v1.1 of the .NET Framework. It was very odd -- all of a sudden I was getting a message about the connection string property not being initialized. This happened most of the time, but not every time. To make matters worse, the db code is the same there as it is in the rest of the weblog app, which doesn't appear to have had this issue.

It seems to be working now. I reworked the code a bit. I'll be keeping an eye on it.

ASP.NET Calendar Control, Revisited

Posted on 4/15/2003 to Developer Stuff

Previously I mentioned the issues I was having with the ASP.NET Calendar Control, specifically styles. Somewhere along the way I read that it was being addressed in v1.1. Now that I am finally running v1.1 on my server, it is time to do some testing on this darned thing.

Since about half of the hits I get from Google involve searches relating to the calendar control, I will report back here as soon as the testing is done.

Visual Studio .NET 2003 Available On MSDN

Posted on 4/10/2003 to Developer Stuff

In case you haven't already heard the news, Visual Studio .NET 2003 is now available for download for MSDN Subscribers. Currently, it looks like there is only the full install available, no ISO images. Of course I am downloading it now, I can wait until later on to get disc images.

I do wonder if it is going to need a key. I didn't see one listed. Maybe it will use the same key as VS .NET v1.0. It would suck to have spent all this time downloading it and then not have a key to install it.


Posted on 4/5/2003 to Developer Stuff

lots of people are interested in harvester.  cool. :)


Add my name to the list of people that can't wait to try out Chris' Harverster. From his screenshots, it looks like a winner. How about an early preview, Chris?

MSDN Code4fun Article

Posted on 4/1/2003 to Developer Stuff

Build a tool that uses the System.Net namespace of the Microsoft .NET Framework to check a POP3 e-mail account for unread messages. [MSDN: Visual Basic .NET]
This does look like fun!