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Posted on 7/14/2004 to In General

Live Strong is an educational program of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. It is a resource for cancer survivors, their friends and families, caregivers and health care providers. Support those living with cancer, support the LAF.

If you've been following the Tour de France at all this year, perhaps you've noticed many people, riders, commentators, officials, and fans, wearing yellow wristbands. These wristbands are not for security, they don't designate the wearer as being affiliated with the Tour, they simply show support for the LAF and for those living with cancer. These yellow wristbands are engraved with Lance's mantra of LIVESTRONG, and are being sold to raise $5 million for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. You can get yours here.


The Paceline

Posted on 7/13/2004 to Sports

For your Tour de France/Lance Armstrong/USPS Cycling Team fix, check out is the official fan club website for Lance Armstrong and the USPS Cycling Team. They've got tons of news, plus daily updates from the Tour by folks like Chris Carmichael, Graham Watson, Chris Brewer, and many more.


Posted on 7/13/2004 to In General

Anyone have a spare Gmail invite for me? If you do, Contact Me.

Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1

Posted on 7/1/2004 to Developer Stuff

VS 2005 Beta 1 is now up on MSDN Subscriber Downloads.