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Posted on 10/19/2005 to Sports

With all this three-peat talk, I'd just like to point out the fact that LSU, not USC, was the BCS Champion two years ago. So when talking of USC going for three championships in a row, let's be clear and say that they are gunning for their 3rd AP championship in as many seasons, but only their second BCS title in the last 3 years.

Officiating Fiasco in South Bend

Posted on 10/16/2005 to Sports

Can you believe this?

"I used all 200 pounds of my body to push Matt in," said Bush, who ran for 160 yards on 15 carries with three touchdowns.

CBS Article

Man, are those guys lucky! First, to have your QB fumble the ball out of bounds at the 1-yard line, stopping the clock, when had he held on to it and gone down, time would've expired, and then to try a QB sneak from the 1, get stopped, and then have your RB help push the QB into the endzone, without the officials seeing it, or at least without them caring. Isn't that supposed to be a 15 yard penalty?

4:30 PM And ou Sucks!

Posted on 10/8/2005 to Sports

What a day! For the first time in since before Jacob was born (2000), my Texas Longhorns have beaten ou in football (final score: 45-12). This has been such a long time coming, and how sweet it is. I am not sure what I feel more right now -- relief or joy. Certainly, I am happy for the win, but this year has a feeling like there is so much more -- this is not so much a season about a single win over a hated rival, as it is a season about every game being as big and as important as the next on the road to reaching the team's goals -- Big 12 South title, Big 12 Champion, and (fingers crossed) a Rose Bowl berth and victory. What a great day, Texas wins, but now it is time to focus on next week -- Colorado.

Hook'Em Horns!