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The Inaugural America’s Run 5K Race Report

Posted on 4/16/2010 to Health and Fitness

This past Sunday, I, along with my brother-in-law, Steven, and 1200+ other timed runners, raced the inaugural America’s Run 5K, at Cowboys Stadium. In addition to the 1200+ timed runners, there were an untold number of untimed runners participating, making it an extremely large field for the 5K.

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March 2010 Running Recap

Posted on 4/1/2010 to Health and Fitness

Another month has come to an end, and for those of us running in north Texas, that means spring is finally in full effect, along with everything that comes with it—wind, warmer temperatures, wind, allergies, and wind. Did I mention wind? Seriously, I think we had a week straight of winds gusting 25-30+ mph! Not fun.

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