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2011 Cowtown Marathon Race Report

Posted on 4/25/2011 to Health and Fitness

I will summarize my 2011 Cowtown Half Marathon experience for you: the hardest race I’ve ever done. In hindsight, it is mostly my own doing, with a good mix of physical and mental challenges that I wasn’t able to overcome. Since almost two months have passed since this race, I’m going to post wrote in my running log:

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February 2011 Running Recap

Posted on 4/25/2011 to Health and Fitness

The shortest month of the year, and one of the “lightest” running months in a while. February started off with a couple of severe winter storms, featuring ice, snow, and record low temperatures, which meant quite a bit of treadmill running. The month ended with unseasonably warm weather. Unfortunately my race was at the end of the month (more on that in a separate post). Despite the winter weather early in the month, I was able to get in most of my key workouts, and the ones I missed on were typically due to a busy schedule, not the weather.

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January 2011 Running Recap

Posted on 4/25/2011 to Health and Fitness

Yes, I know this is seriously late—late to the point of why even bother. Yet, for some reason, I am going to bother, if only so that I have it for later.

As you may or may not recall, December was a trying month, with a stomach bug that made the rounds early in the month, and IT band/knee issues in the middle of the month. You might also recall that while the IT band/knee issue eventually got better, I was no longer comfortable continuing to train for a marathon, when I might be teetering on the brink of injury, so I switched my registration from the Cowtown Marathon to the Cowtown Half Marathon.

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December 2010 Running Recap

Posted on 1/7/2011 to Health and Fitness

Whew! Another month of training is in the books! Going into the month, I thought it would be an awesome month for marathon training. I had 3+ weeks of vacation scheduled, which meant plenty of time for running. I should’ve known it wouldn’t be quite that simple…

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