Another 11 Miles...On My Bike

by Bryan on 6/10/2008 at 4:22 PM in Health and Fitness

Yesterday evening I was in need of some cross training, but I couldn't decide between a yoga class or a bike ride. A cool front had come through during the day, so instead of the typical mid-90s temperature, it was 70°F—perfect for a nice, leisurely bike ride. Of course, with this front came rain, or so the weathermen predicted. However, the radar told a different story, and it was decided—I was going for a bike ride.

I've been meaning to get out and ride my bike for quite some time, but for whatever reason, it keeps getting put off. I know riding the bike is great for cross training. I know it's perfect for running errands closer to the house. And we've been talking about getting our bikes tuned up forever, yet they continue to just sit there. Well, no more. I aired up the tires, found my helmet and gloves (definitely need some new gloves), strapped on my Garmin Forerunner 305, grabbed my camera (just in case), and headed out.

My first thought was to go ride all of the various hike and bike trails that run through our neighborhood. After all, I promised some folks in the neighborhood that I'd do that, and then provide maps of them all, so that they'd have accurate distance information. Then, at the last minute, I decided to ride my 11 mile running route from Sunday.

The ride itself was mostly easy, though there were a few hills, but those hills were much easier on the bike than on foot. I was simply enjoying being outside in the cooler weather, moving at a higher rate of speed than I was used to, and getting used to being on the bike again after such a long time away from it.

Traffic wasn't too bad, either. Sure, there were the cars that insisted on passing me half in my lane and half in the other lane, when they could've just taken all of the other lane (same direction). And there was the one car that came back into my lane a little too soon. I even made sure to follow the rules of the road, as if I was a car, and just like cyclists are supposed to do, which must've surprised one lady who was already stopped at a stop sign as I approached it. She just sat there, as if she expected me to fly right on through. I stopped, but had to wave her on before she moved. It's pretty sad that that is what motorists expect from cyclists.

All in all, the ride was 11 miles in 50:53. You can bet that I'll be getting out on the bike again, and soon.