January 2010 Running Recap

by Bryan on 2/1/2010 at 12:38 PM in Health and Fitness

First, you should know that since it is now February 1st and I’ve not yet posted my 2009 Running Recap, there will be no “year in review” post. Sorry. I know you’re really disappointed, but you should also know that I’m not planning on making it up to you. That said, here’s my January 2010 Running Recap…

After coming off of my two highest mileage months ever, and having allowed myself quite a bit of running freedom in December, combined with the need to really start focusing on training for my first half marathon, January figured to be a bit of a drag. There would be no more “I’m just going to see how I feel and do ‘x’ or maybe ‘y’.” Instead, it would be “the training plan says to do ‘x’, so I’m doing ‘x’, even though I’d rather do ‘y’.” The training plan also called for fewer miles per week than what I’d been running. I’m like most runners in that I don’t like to scale back my mileage.

On top of all of this structure I had to deal with in January, it wasn’t even a week into the new month, and I was already faced with missing several days in a row. As with most other things, I’ve got no one to blame but myself. It was me, after all, who at the last minute talked my brother-in-law into going to see Texas vs. Alabama in the BCS National Championship Game. I’m in Fort Worth, the game was in Pasadena, California. We bought the tickets the afternoon before the game, and then started the long drive to California. From Wednesday afternoon through Saturday morning, we spent most of our time getting out there and back. As nice as it would’ve been to run along the way, there simply wasn’t any time, so I didn’t run Wednesday – Saturday of that week. Fortunately there was an extra week built into my training plan, though after going nearly 3 days without sleep, I really wasn’t feeling good on my runs for another week.

So that’s my story. Here are the numbers:

  • Total Miles: 143.1
  • Total Time: 22:15:03
  • Average Pace: 9:20/mile

Additional Notes

Compared to December, I ran 7 fewer miles in 68 fewer minutes. I ran long twice—a 12 miler (9:07/mile), and my first 13 miler. The 13 miler ended a tenth of a mile from the house, so of course I ran the additional tenth of a mile to the house, to make the run 13.1 miles. January is the 6th 100+ mile month in a row, and the 8th in the last 9 months. January was also the second month in a row over 140 miles.

Here’s a closer look at how my runs broke down in December:

  • Easy: 68.04 (12 runs)
  • Hill: 8 (1 run)
  • Tempo: 13 (2 runs)
  • Interval: 13 (2 runs)
  • Fartlek: 16 (3 runs)*
  • Long Run: 25.1 (2 runs)
  • Longest Run: 13.1
  • Shortest Run: 4
  • Best Paced Run: 8:50/mile (Fartlek)

One last note: Earlier in the post, I mentioned a half marathon—the Cowtown Half Marathon. I registered for this race, and barring any change of plans, it will be my first half marathon. It’s the 27th of February.

* Most of the fartlek runs were on the treadmill and involved tenth of a mile repeats, with a tenth of a mile recovery. The intervals were a mix of speed and hill intervals.