The Salsa King 2-Peat

by Bryan on 5/18/2009 at 10:21 PM in Eats and Drinks

I started this post on Cinco de Mayo, but got distracted, so I hope you all had a happy Cinco de Mayo! I hope you enjoyed mucho tequila, chips y salsa, and whatever else it is you might celebrate with. At work we celebrated with a potluck lunch, and another salsa contest. Just like last year, my salsa reigned supreme!

This year, I entered another roasted chipotle salsa. That’s my salsa with roasted tomatoes, chipotles, some other roasted peppers, roasted garlic—basically roasted everything, but the cilantro. It was might tasty.

I also made another salsa, this one had a ton of roasted jalapenos, roasted tomato, and fresh everything else (garlic, onion, and cilantro). And NO chipotles. It was my favorite of the two. The jalapeno pepper flavor really stood out, but it wasn’t too hot, as I stripped all of the seeds and most of the ribs out.

Look for a running update very soon.