Two Zune Family

by Bryan on 6/27/2008 at 1:53 PM in Reviews

I’ve been meaning to mention that I bought a Microsoft Zune last week—a black, 8 GB Zune. My previous Mp3 player experience was with a 40 GB Creative Zen Jukebox Plus, or something like that.

This purchase was my materialistic reward for reaching my weight goal of 185. Of course I met that goal two months ago, but I just couldn’t decide what to get—my only requirement was that I be able to run with it.

Within 10 minutes of using my Zune, I knew that I had to get one for Julie. Fortunately, her 30th birthday was just around the corner, and I hadn’t bought her gift yet, so that evening I ordered her a pink, 8GB Zune.

Naturally, we’ve got a Zune Pass, and have both loaded up our Zune's. I’ve also set up a number of podcasts, and have started listening to them on my drive to and from work. Why I wasn’t doing this before, I don’t know.

Anyway, we love them.