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My New Shoes

Posted on 12/17/2000 to In General

New, super-comfy shoes - Classic Taupe.


Posted on 12/15/2000 to In General

Well, well, well. I sure have been neglecting my blog duties. Do you really care?

Life has been busy, to say the least. I am finally finished with the hellish project that dominated my existence since mid-May of this year. I am on to bigger and better projects...well, at least billable projects. Unfortunately, we have a tight deadline, and I have little time for my own stuff.

Regarding my own port of a web app from ASP to JSP met a tragic ending. It seems that when I was backing up all my data on to a CD-ROM last week, prior to rebuilding my server, the CD-RW decided to act up and act like the data copied, when in fact it didn't. Stupid me went on and reformatted without checking the data first. Needless to say, it is all gone now. Unfortunately (or fortunately, not sure yet), I now have a copy of Visual Studio.NET Beta 1 and will be focusing m personal development efforts on getting up to speed on the latest from Microsoft.

How 'bout our boy Dubya? It's about time that this whole damn election thing is over. I can't believe how dense Al Gore took him over 5 weeks to finally realize what we all knew on Nov. 7. What a goron.

I'm out...