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Lance Armstrong Wins 3rd Straight Tour de France

Posted on 7/29/2001 to In General

It's official!!!

Lance Armstrong has just become the 5th cyclist ever to win 3 straight Tour de France's, and the second American to win a total of 3 Tour's.

Too bad OLN wasn't able to carry today's stage into Paris live. Oh well, you can bet that I will be watching the coverage on CBS at 2 PM EST today.

Update & Stuff

Posted on 7/29/2001 to In General

So I am doing things, just not things that pay. In case you hadn't heard, I was laid off a week ago. Out of the blue, no warning, little severance. Bitter? Yes, but being bitter won't help pay the bills or get me a job.

If you know someone looking to hire a developer with Microsoft-centric skills (VB, ASP, COM/COM+, SQL Server, ADO, CDO, XML, XSLT, HTML, Javascript, etc), let me know.

So back to the things I am doing...there is metaStash, and <c@chedCode> Technology Group and this super secret thing that the CCTG is building.

So I am staying busy.


Posted on 7/11/2001 to In General

I hope that nobody took yesterday's post the wrong way (not that anyone reads this). I have the utmost respect for Andrew and Martin. They had a dream and they pursued it. It didn't work out, and that is sad. Sad because they put so much of themselves into it and sad because in this down market, Hand was surviving. They had the guts to put off the big hit and instead focused on building a viable company. Now that things haven't worked out, they are closing the doors while the company still has money in the bank so that employee's are not hung out to dry and so that debts can be repaid. I commend them for making the difficult decision.


Posted on 7/11/2001 to In General

My former employer, HandTech (or is or Hand Technologies?), has closed their doors. Too bad, they (Martin and Andrew) could have taken the money and run had they taken the company public back in the dotcom heyday, unfortunately they wanted to be profitable first, and now they are closed.