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Cool .NET Stuff

Posted on 8/22/2001 to Developer Stuff

Cool stuff (that you can't least not yet): I developed an ASP.NET page this evening that allows me to upload files to my web server. Big deal? Well, actually it is. You see, this is specifically for uploading new pictures, and not only does the page upload the image and save it to the server, it also resizes the image to a more web friendly size and saves that as well. Cool, huh? I thought so too.

Back To Texas

Posted on 8/22/2001 to In General

It is so close I can taste it...and to think that I'll be back in Texas for this football season. Now, if only I had my season ticket back.

Based on this, I would have to say that the offense is simply going to crush opposing defenses because the Horns defense is supposed to be very good this year, especially at linebacker and in the secondary.

I Need To Know

Posted on 8/20/2001 to In General

This sucks. Specifically, uncertainty sucks.

What is not uncertain is that I will be working again come next week, what is uncertain is just exactly where that will be (odds are on Fort Worth, Tx, but I am pulling for the longshot, Dallas).

What is much less certain is how long I will be working in another state before I am able to finally settle down there - we have to sell the house and all first.

Blogger API

Posted on 8/16/2001 to Weblog Applications

Anyway, this is a cool thing...and this post, as well as the previous one, is posted using it.


Posted on 8/16/2001 to Weblog Applications

um, that previous post, well it was just posted using the blogger.newPost API.

So what, you say? Well the Blogger API pretty much falls in line with the stuff I've been doing over at, that is, Web Services.

To follow up on the 'so what' theme, this means that blogging can be done from your own application, be it on the desktop or a website. Me, I am posting this from my own web page.


Posted on 8/16/2001 to In General

Yo wassup?!?

A Bear On The Loose

Posted on 8/15/2001 to In General

A black bear has been on the loose near Jacob's daycare for the past few days. She was finally captured this evening.

What Will The Wife Think Of This

Posted on 8/15/2001 to In General

Oh my, this is an amazing picture from Olympia, Wa.

So it seems that I could have an opportunity to work in Olympia. Anyone know anything about this town or the area?


Posted on 8/15/2001 to In General

Two brothers in Korea have been arrested for running a Napster like web site and application. No big deal? Think again, these guys have a system similar to Gnutella in that there is not one single centralized server.

This will be an interesting case to follow, even though it is taking place in Korea. One they really have an 8-story apartment? No wonder they are so skinny.

metaStash Webservice

Posted on 8/14/2001 to Developer Stuff

Ok, so this site is finally making fully use of the stashIT! webservice. It was already, but now it is using a proxy class to access the functions available through the web service. This means that as long as the interface doesn't change to the webservice, then my proxy will automatically reflect changes to the logic internal to the webservice.

Have Job Will Travel

Posted on 8/8/2001 to Developer Stuff

Techies: Have Job Will Travel

This hits a bit too close to home. It is looking more and more like we will be packing up and heading back to Texas. The job market here in Colorado is dead. How I wish I had been part of the earlier layoffs...the ones where they gave 2 months severance, AND the job market was still decent. Now when the market totally sucks ass, you get a token couple of days and a swift kick in the hind quarters.

.NET, Beta 1 to Beta 2

Posted on 8/8/2001 to Technology

Is anyone else as frustrated as I am when dealing with changes between .NET beta 1 and beta 2? Probably not.

This site is now running under the .NET Framework beta 2.