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Picking It Up

Posted on 7/29/2006 to Project 18,253

After selecting the ring yesterday, Mike told me to go by the store after 2 PM on Saturday (today) and ask for Van. So Jacob and I headed over to Southlake a little after noon, browsed the local Barnes and Noble until about 2:30, at wich time we headed over to Village Jewelers to see Van. He had it all ready to go. It's beautiful!

Jacob was very interested in what we were doing there, but I kept him distracted while I looked at the ring. I just didn't know if he could be trusted with this information for several days. As we were walking back to the car, I just couldn't contain myself, so I stopped and asked if he could keep a really, really, big secret for a week or so -- of course he said that he could, so I showed it to him. "Oooh that's pretty!" were his exact words. Then I had to explain to him what the ring was for. He gave me a huge hug. :-D

So now we're back at the house, and I am still working on talking to her Dad. I just hope I can wait until the day that I've planned to do this...the ring is burning a hole in my pocket, I am so excited!

[Editor's Note:This post was kept private until after the proposal.]