Snakes On The Run

by Bryan on 6/18/2008 at 11:24 AM in Health and Fitness

Okay, snakes can't run, and there weren't snakes, just a single snake. But boy, did it have me moving quick to the other side of the trail!

Running Notes


  • 5 miles @ 10:01/mile.
  • Average HR 156 bpm.
  • Ran this on a local greenbelt.
  • The snake incident happened at the beginning of mile 5—it was coiled up on the trail as I can around a blind curve. It jumped. I jumped.
  • Ran the final .25 mile at 7:27/mile pace.
  • Experiencing some hip pain still on the outside of my right hip.


  • 4 miles @ 10:04/mile.
  • Average HR 152 bpm.
  • Still have the hip pain, though not until some downhill sections.
  • Added in a couple of striders during mile 4 @ 5K pace.
  • Worked on finishing kick for the final .2 mile, first up to 1 mile pace, then beyond.
  • Running fast feels good. Running slow doesn't.

The temperature is only 79°F this morning, but with the humidity it feels like 92°F.

In addition to my run yesterday, I also went to the gym in the late afternoon. I got on the bike for 20 minutes, doing the Alpine Pass program on level 7. I tried to maintain 100 rpm throughout (came pretty close). I then did some lower body strength training for the first time in weeks. My plan is to cross-train a little more between now and the end of July, which is when I officially start my half marathon training. If the plan holds, there will be a lot of the bike and strength training between now and then.

Legacy Comments

I'm officially starting my half marathon training in mid july as well. I'm going to use Jeff Galloway's Half Marathon Training plan. You?

Posted by Andrew is getting fit on 6/18/2008 2:28:33 PM

Hey Andrew, I really haven't decided yet. I've got Runner's World's Smart Coach program set up and ready to go, but I am also considering using a program included at the back of Bart Yasso's book "My Life on the Run." Of course there's always one of Hal Higdon's programs... Too many choices.

Posted by Bryan on 6/18/2008 2:36:29 PM