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10K Test Run

Posted on 10/29/2008 to Health and Fitness

I went for a run yesterday after work along the Trinity Trails. I was shooting for 6 miles, but ended up going 6.24 miles. My knee felt sore for most of the run, but it never hurt like I needed to stop—I just “felt it” for a good portion of the run. Oddly enough, as soon as I stopped running, it hurt like a #$%@!

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Wound Tighter Than A Drum

Posted on 10/23/2008 to Health and Fitness

For the observant ones in the crowd (and with a good memory, since I haven’t posted in a while), you’ll recall that I mentioned an injury in my most recent post—Half Marathon Training: Week 10. ITB Syndrome to be specific, with pain on the outside of my right knee that comes on after some period of running (usually around 1 mile).

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Half Marathon Training: Week 10

Posted on 10/14/2008 to Health and Fitness

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I am way overdue with this update. Training was going well in Week 10—until I hit my speed work on Thursday, October 2nd. Halfway through 4 x 1 mile intervals (total of 8 miles, including warm up, 4 x 1 mile intervals w/.5 mile recovery jogs, and warm down), I started experiencing some discomfort on the outside of my right knee. More specifically, it started in the first half mile of my 3rd interval. The discomfort held at a manageable level through the 4th interval, but by the end of my warm down, it was a sharp, shooting pain. Of course, it pretty much went away as soon as I stopped running.

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