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On The Comeback Trail

Posted on 3/23/2009 to Health and Fitness

Well, it’s been 3 weeks since I finished up PT and had my last follow-up with the doc. So far, so good. I’ve been diligently working on strengthening my lower body, while slowly getting back to running. After the first week, which I’ve already mentioned, I moved up to 2 miles, every other day (and maybe a 5K run on the treadmill thrown in for good measure) for the next two weeks. In the last couple of days I’ve moved up again.

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It Keeps Me Running

Posted on 3/5/2009 to Health and Fitness

As mentioned in my last post, I had the 4-week follow up with the orthopedic surgeon this past Monday. He said the knee looked good, and made sure to point out the disparity in muscle mass between my legs. The doctor emphasized that I will need to still take things slow while I regain both muscle strength and muscle endurance. That said, I was cleared for all activities.

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Arthroscopic Knee Surgery: 26 Days Later

Posted on 3/1/2009 to Health and Fitness

Oops…I guess I forgot to come back here and let y’all know how that physical therapy appointment went… Sorry.

That first appointment, along with the subsequent three appointments went well. At the first appointment, it was the standard procedure of doing the initial evaluation—gathering information on the injury,  taking range of motion measurements, strength measurements, etc. Then the fun began—they bent my leg much further than I had previously bent it, and boy did it hurt! However, once they did that, I had all sorts of increased mobility. They also had me work through three exercises that they wanted me to do at home (twice a day). I have a sheet detailing the exercises, if anyone is interested. They made a big difference for me.

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